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Party Organs
The organs of the Party are as follows:
1. The Branch
2. The District
3. The Province
4. The ZAPU Women’s Union (Z.A.W.U.)
5. The ZAPU Youth Front (ZAPUYF)
6. The National Executive Council (N.E.C.)
7. The National Council Of Elders (N.C.E.)
8. The National People’s Council (N.P.C.)
9. The People’s Congress
10. The Presidency
11. The Advisory Committee (Think-Tank)
Once the main branch is complete with a full executive committee and one hundred and fifty members, excluding members of the main branch executive committee, further branches are set up within a ward as membership numbers shall allow. There is one branch for every fifty registered members of each wing of the Party and Every branch shall consist of elected officials holding office as set out in the branch structure.
The District
The district  consist of all the branches within a ward constituency or every five or more branches and shall exercise supervision over them through the branches in the constituency. Each district is led by a District Executive Committee, structured in the same way as a branch. Once a full district is complete, every five full branches within the same geographical area of a constituency shall form a further district, which further districts shall fall under the supervision of the Provincial Executive Committee. Provided that there shall be at least one branch for every ward and one district for every constituency.
The Branch
The branch is a basic organ of the Party, to which every ordinary and associate member, regardless of position occupied in any Party organ, shall belong. There is one main branch to every local authority ward. The number of branches shall be increased beyond the confines of a ward by the membership strength of the party. Every 50 members from each of the Youth Front, ZAWU and main wing within a ward may form a branch. Further branches may be formed in a ward if the membership warrants it.
 Branch & District Executive Committees
The Branch & District Executive Committees (D.E.C.) l consist of 13 (thirteen) members as specified below:
1. The Chairperson
2. The Vice-Chairperson
3. The Secretary
4. The Secretary for Mobilization and Organisation
5. The Treasurer
6. The Secretary for Education, Welfare, and Health
7. The Secretary for Economic Development
8. The Secretary for Security
9. The ZAWU Chairperson
10. The Youth Chairperson
11. The Council of Elders Chairperson
12. Committee Member
13. Committee Member


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